Vintage blouse taken from G-momma's closet

Good evening everyone, I wasn't able to post this earlier because I went out to buy my things for college and I'm super excited because technically in 11 hours I'll be having my very first college class!
So many things to do and so little time left! But a promise is a promise, and I did commit myself to post one of the ways I could wear my grandmother's vintage blouse! So here are the pictures!

So what I wore was:

-My grandmother's vintage blouse
- Urban Outfitters high rise shorts
-Aeropostale basic white top
-Sitka Semch shoes
-School remembrance necklace

Well I had the blouse on front knotted which was something I came up to the night I found the blouse. I really like how it looks, probably people who saw me thought: "oh lord, that the hell is this girl wearing..." but honestly if I'm comfortable with what I wear and how it looks on me, I don't really care bahahaha ;)
So yeah, it's around 12.30am here and I still have to take a bath because the heat in this country is KILLING ME. I already had my things done for tomorrow! I was really surprised how little I bought this year: a notebook, high-lighter, 3 pens( black, blue and red), post-it's and a new pencil case because I needed a really little one. Compared to other years, I have nothing! But oh well, that's how things are since probably I won't be using any of these things for a long time ahahah but I just love going to shop for these kinds of stuff heh. 
My next post will be something really useful for girls going to college, just like me! :')
I'll keep y'all updated through my twitter!
Micii <3


Midnight discovery

Hello everyone, I know I haven't been posting constantly but that's just me: fickle. I mean, I don't want to post everyday and have crappy posts; instead, I like to make some posts but good ones about things I consider that should be in my blog. 
March so far hasn't been interesting for me, it has been quite tranquil I must say. And, as I've been re-decorating my bedroom I had to tide up as well. Sadly, my clothes won't fit anymore on my closet and as my grandmother won't be living with us anymore my mother said I could take over the guest room's closet (known before as my grandmother's room but now my cat sleeps in it all day long). Anyway, I was filling the drawers and I started looking around my grandmother's clothes and I found some really interesting stuff. She wears XXL clothes so there isn't any possibility of me wearing her clothes BUT I found three pieces that I've secretly stolen because I just love them and I already know how I'll be wearing them!

1. Blouse with weird and colorful prints in it:

At first when I saw this blouse I was like, oh lord who would wear something like that? But then when I started wondering around I had these ideas of how I could wear it. I tried it on in many different ways and I had to stole it. 
I didn't took a picture of the many different ways you could wear it because it'll be a surprise! Tomorrow I'll be wearing it for sure and I'll take pictures definitely.

Well that was the main object of this post because the other two finds aren't that special, they are 2 knit tops that I usually wear with black leggings or jeans and like they are XXL they are really comfy. 

So yeah, that's about it. 
And if you have time listen to this song, it's quite good and brings me good memories heeh <3

Mici <3


Les nouveaux visages de la Fashion Week automne-hiver 2012-2013

Cara Delevigne
Vanessa Axente
Ava Smith
Nadja Bender
Jasmine Tookes
Katryn Kruger
Kati Nescher
Kendra Spears


New tattoo's!

Hey everyone, guess what? I got 2 tattoo's done on Wednesday and I couldn't be more pleased about them.

I got a word in Russian: "Otnoshenie" (just like my blog) because that's a word that has a special meaning for me and inspires me a lot. And my second tattoo is an anchor which also has a lot of meanings for me. I would even say it's a symbol that characterizes me. 
I just wanted to show y'all my tattoo's because I couldn't be any more excited about them ahahah!



New Polyvore Set!

I know I haven't written or posted anything in a while, but I've been quite busy with College stuff, etc. So I decided to do a Polyvore set as a new post!  Originally I was going to make a "What I'd wear to work" set but after a lot of changes this is what came out and I really like it! I totally wear that on a casual winter/automn day. I got inspired listening to Josh Groban - Oceano.
Here's his life performance if you'd like to listen to something new.
I'll keep making new posts throughout the week!



Youth Revolt brand new set

This morning I was really bored over breakfast, so I decided to invest my time in creating a nice outfit with some items I had on my Polyvore account like the All Saints Spitalfields sequin skirt, which is beautiful and I would have hope I wasn't such a scrooge so I could bought it when I could.
So enjoy, rise and shine everyone!